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L'hôtel Crillon revégétalisé par Louis Benech

Le Figaro.fr

July 2017

Modern Beacon

Gray Magazine Issue No 27
April/May 2016

Marie Khouri's Sculptures form both seats and a message of peace

CBC News, November 29, 2015


Vancouver-based sculptor Marie Khouri Creates Big Messages With Her Sculptures

CBC Radio Interview, North by Northwestwith with Sheryl MacKay (Audio)

November 29, 2015


Histoire de Style

Architectural Digest Décoration, Sarah de Beaumont and Aurore Lameyre       

October 31, 2015


New Telus Garden Office Features Large Public Art Projects

The Vancouver Sun, by Kevin Griffin

September 22, 2015

Les Sculptures de Marie Khouri

Romeo Paris by Claude Dalle

August 12, 2015


Un appartamento da sogno a Saint-Germain

Marie-Claire Maison, Ian Phillips and Paola Brambilla

January 7, 2015


Does Age Define Your Personal Style?

The Globe and Mail, by Courtney Shea

July, 2015


You and I, and Everything in Between

The Vancouver Sun, article by Shawn Conner (Video)

July 29, 2015




A Woman of Letters

Montecristo Magazine, Article by Dillon Ramsey

Autumn, 2014


Les Bancs de Marie Khouri

Architectural Digest France n°126

October/Novembre 2014


Comfort op de vierkante meter

Residence Magazine

October/November, 2014


Ice Breakers

Azure Magazine, article by Adele Weder

October, 2014


Let's Sit and Talk

Trendesign Magazine

September, 2014


Raising the Benchmark

Curve Magazine article

Aug/September 2014


Finishing Touch

Trendesign Magazine

August, 2014


Délit de Mode

L'Officiel, n°986

Juillet, 2014


The Planter

Montecristo Magazine

Summer, 2014

Exposition de l'Artiste Marie Khouri (Audio)

Ici Radio Canada, Interview Phare Ouest avec Marie Villeneuve

June, 2014


Marie Khouri: Sculpture that Works as Art and Furniture

The Vancouver Sun, article by Kevin Griffin

June 24, 2014


Let’s Sit and Talk by Marie Khouri


June 23, 2014


Model Citizen

Vancouver Magazine

June, 2014


Marie Khouri at the Equinox Gallery

Rooms Magazine, article by Tatyana Wolfman

June, 2014


Sculptor Explores the Art of Dialogue

Westender, article by Martha Perkins

May, 2014

Featured Home 'The Grove'
Homes & Living
April/May, 2014 


Marie Khouri

Gray Magazine, article by Lindsey M. Roberts

Feb/March, 2014

Living in Luxury

Homes & Living

December/January, 2014




Feature Home: Bryant House

Homes & Living Magazine

August/September 2013


The Jewellery House

Vogue Italy published July 21, 2013


Twist & Sprout

Ocean Home, by Kiley Jacques

June/July, 2013

The Jewellery House by Amusingold, la casa dei nuovi talenti del gioiello

ELLE Italy, by Tarcila Bassi

March, 2013




Shifting Scales

Western Living Magazine, article by Rebecca Philps

September, 2012


Home Feature

Home & Architectural Trends, Volume 27 NO 6

February, 2012




New Wave

Garden Design, article by Ted Loos

September/October, 2011




Le Meilleur du Design 2009

Architectural Digest Collector, Hors-Série Special Design N°1



La Sculpteuse

Montecristo Magazine, article by Shannon Heth

Winter, 2009


The Goods

Western Living, by Sarah Bancroft

September, 2009


Skateboarders Damage Sculpture at Transit Station

The Vancouver Sun, article by Mary Frances Hill

September, 2009